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YELP Reviews for Fazio's Pizza

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Pittsburgh, PA, Updated - 6/17/2012

I had purchased bagels and donuts for my new daylight "colleagues," but I didn't want to omit my former evening shift comrades, so 3 large pizzas acted as my going-away gift to them.
A half an hour later, I inquired about the pies.
"Hey Darren, man, thanks for the pizza. That shit was good."
"You're welcome. Is there any left?"
"Uhhhh. I dunno. Lemme get back to you, ok?"
And with that, my co-worker split like James Brown at the Apollo.
I jogged to the dumpster outside the dock.
3 empty pizza boxes were laying inside.
30 cuts of pizza were obliterated within 30 minutes. In the hot summer sun, I got...chills for my co-workers are indeed...

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Pittsburgh, PA


I would say that Fazio's is probably a small step ahead of Pesaro's. The pizza is a smidge crispier though delivery always results in a less crispy pizza than when you eat-in. I also like the steak hoagies. Service is quick and prompt and the food arrives piping hot. As others have noted - totally solid neighborhood pizza joint.

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Newport Beach, CA


I have only lived in Pittsburgh for 18 month and moved here from Boston. Pizzas can be very different across the country and it took until I found Fazio's to find what I considered a GREAT pizza.

They are always pleasant when ordering and delivery is so convenient. I like my pizza's thin crust, well done, and light on the cheese (they really ad cheese so a normal is even too much for me).

Although we are moving soon I will be ordering before we leave. This is one place I will miss about Pittsburgh.

Thanks- Mr. Fazio

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Pittsburgh, PA


I've gotten pizza from here twice and it's been consistently good. The crust is thinner than your typical Pittsburgh pizza and it's a little chewy. Since I'm a fan of thin-crust, I thought it was great! The sauce is a little tangy, a little sweet and not at all chunky. My favorite thing about this pizza was definitely the cheese...I loved the flavor and the consistency.

This is my new go-to pizza place! It's convenient (they deliver) and it is also reasonably priced.

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Pittsburgh, PA


Ha, I was just going to write "totally solid neighborhood pizza joint" which I see someone below has written. It is! Just walked in for the first time and got a slice of red sauce/pepperoni and white sauce/tomato, both tasty. They'd heated them up so the crust was crunchy.  Cheese blend on the white pizza was great. Reasonably priced, too.    A few tables to eat in, slices to go, also orders/delivery.  While I was there, I heard someone placing an intricate phone order (like the way Sally from When Harry Met Sally... ordered food) with items like "well done fries," and they seemed quite accommodating.  I will be back, especially if this winter is as bad as the last one.

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San Francisco, CA


Really solid neighborhood pizza. Definitely the best delivery pizza I've had in Pittsburgh. More east coast style than pittsburgh style, which is a-ok in my book, not having had the pleasure of being weaned on aiellos.

Thinner crust w/ some chew & char and not too much provolone in the cheese. And not too much cheese for that matter (I'm lookin at you minellos.)

Pittsburgh, PA


I just moved very close to Fazio's so I was hoping it would be a place I could rely upon for a good meal. It is! Very good Italian hoagies loaded with fixings, and good pizza. I haven't tried the steak sandwiches yet, but if the Italian hoagies are any indication, I bet I'll approve. The pizza crust is thin and crispy, and they used just the right amount of everything.

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I've eaten pizza, hoagies, and calzones here and they've all been solid (especially like the chicken parm sub).  Standard Italian fare, but their good deals and prices make it one of my go to places when I'm too tired/lazy to cook.  For anyone who lives on this side of Bloomfield its convenience makes it at least worth trying.

4028 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224-1304

(412) 251-5312